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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jugearscare follies

We started looking into health insurance through the "marketplace", since we can't afford Cobra right now. All the web sites referred for us require a phone number before you can look at pricing, so I put in my FAX number.

Turns out to have been a smart thing to do - I've had at least 100 calls come in on the FAX line since yesterday.

I picked up a couple before the machine could try to connect - dead silence even after I said "Hello". For the couple that did connect me to a human, I told them this was a FAX line, and please don't call back.

There must be a whole lot of potential profit for the insurers in getting someone to sign up for them to be so persistent...

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  1. Whenever I know I'm going to get spammed..especially by something from the Dems- I put in the local or state Democrat part number.