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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Back when I first got signed up with the Science Fiction Book Club, I got a copy of "FROOMB" - a novel by John Lymington. It was a bit adult for a 12 year old, but the title has stuck with me. It refers to a political cartoon of the world at the wheel of a car careening down a slope toward a cliff. The world cries "Fluid's running out of my brakes!".

This graph brings that image back to me - only it's Uncle Sam at the wheel:


Found at Borepatch

By 2030, if nothing drastic is done, all the income of the federal government will go to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and other "entitlements", including, of course, Osamacare, and interest on the national debt. There will be nothing left for roads, national defense, or things like the BATFE and the Border Patrol. Or for presidential golfing trips - but Jugears will be long gone by then. Nancy Pee-Lousy and Hairy Reid will likely be long dead. The rest of us, not so lucky.

FROOMB, indeed.

The spell-checker in the editor tries to change "Osamacare" to "macabre". Smart machine.

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