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Monday, March 16, 2015

Dealings with Ill-Annoys UI

Just mailed this off:
Illinois Department of Employment Security
P. O. Box 19509
Springfield, IL 62794

Charles A. Kuecker


Re: Claimant ID xxxxxx request for reconsideration

Recently, I received  a "Determination" telling us we were ineligible for unemployment insurance since we had not supplied proof of identification, i.e., copies my driver's license (both front and back) and of my Social Security card. We included all of this in a fat envelope, and paid extra postage registered mail to P. O. Box 19509.

We mailed this packet over a week ago. Today, I spoke to a nice lady who has the onerous job of handling calls from irate people like me who are entangled in the bureaucracy of Illinois unemployment insurance. She told me that I needed to not only send the information that I had sent, but also a formal letter requesting that you accept that data and reinstate my claim for benefits. She also said that the copy of my Social Security card was not in the scanned-in documents. It was in the packet originally mailed, so somewhere in your organization, it was lost.

So, here is that letter, asking that you please reinstate my claim for unemployment benefits, along with more copies of everything, again sent by registered mail. I am also spending extra for a return receipt, as I cannot trust your office to handle things without losing pages.

Why it is necessary for a claimant who has records on file from Illinois employers as to employment history to provide a copy of a Social Security card that plainly states "FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAX PURPOSES - NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION" is beyond me. Though since I am simply a college graduate electrical engineer, perhaps I am just too stupid to understand the marvelous complexity of Illinois unemployment law.


Charles A. Kuecker


Copy of Wisconsin driver's license, both sides
Copy of original Social Security card, front only (laminated in 1960-something)

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