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Friday, December 27, 2013

Zero tolerance

Well said!
The age of crackpot zero tolerance nonsense needs to come to an end.
As a child, I played cops and mobsters, cowboys and Indians and army vs army. If I was a child today I probably would have been locked up on someone’s terrorism watch list as would most of us over the age of 25.
What has led me to this belief? Because the Imagination Nazis are out in force, goosestepping all over imagination and childhood play. Banning toy guns apparently isn’t good enough for some “educators” like the South Eastern School District in Pennsylvania.
This school district has the tagline: “Providing Progressive Education to Strengthen the Global Community”.
With a motto like that is it any wonder that the powers that be suspended a 10 year old boy, Johnny Jones, for pantomiming a bow and arrow?
Tar and feathers, folks - and a rail to "ride 'em out of town".

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