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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Please - tell us!

Just where will it be legal to carry a gun in Illinois?

Law has tricky mix of where it's legal for permit holder to have gun

Well, it WAS crafted by Demonrats...
For example, the law prohibits guns at events where there is a large gathering of people, like neighborhood street festivals. But it allows people with guns to walk through a public gathering on the way home, to work or to their car.

That means, according to some firearms instructors, that people could legally walk through the crowd at the South Side Irish Parade with a gun tucked in their belt but they couldn't hang around and watch the performances.
And although the law forbids guns in public parks, nothing in the statute prohibits someone from carrying a gun on a trail or bike path that goes through a park.
In other words, firearms instructors said, it's OK to arm yourself while riding a bike through the Cook County Forest Preserves, but you'd better not get off your bike to use the bathroom.
"It's like a Byzantine maze," said Colleen Lawson, owner of Lawson Handgun Institute, a firearms training facility on the North Side. "It's possible to get through it without breaking any laws, but it's tricky."
Bottom line - carry at your own risk in Ill-Annoys, especially if you have a IL state CCW permit. Criminals and gang members will get a pass, as they have in the past.
There are serious penalties for violations. The first offense is a Class B misdemeanor, which has a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a $2,500 fine. A second violation is a Class A misdemeanor, which could result in up to a year in jail, a $2,500 fine and a six-month suspension of the concealed carry license. A three-time offender could get the same jail sentence, the same fine and a permanent revocation of the concealed carry license.
Again, no worries unless you are law-abiding.

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