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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor

In 1941 we had a Socialist President who ignored the Constitution and forced through a bunch of legislation that has resulted in lasting damage to America.

The Japanese took advantage of our apparent weakness to attack Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately for them, FDR was still an American, and our people were able to switch from a "peacetime" mentality to a wartime footing overnight. America still had a massive industrial base, and millions of skilled laborers, many who were out of work because of the Great Depression. We put together the greatest military force the world had ever seen and defeated both the Japanese and the Nazis, and after, we helped the world rebuild.

Ever since the 1960s, America has enacted law after law all intended to fix social ills or to "protect" the environment. The main result of these laws has been to institutionalize poverty and drive heavy industry offshore.

Today, we have a Socialist President that makes FDR look like a Reagan Republican, and we have foreign enemies who would love to see us brought low. Our military is being systematically stripped of leadership and hamstrung by social engineering.

Will history repeat? I doubt Jugears is capable of leading us anywhere but into Hell.

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