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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria, other stuff

OK. My two cent's worth.

The Syrian government evidently has used chemical weapons - possibly the same ones President Bush was so soundly ridiculed for believing existed in Iraq - on Syrian civilians, killing thousands.

Our jug-eared President has drawn a "red line" - the use of chemical weapons, and has threatened dire consequences if that line was overstepped.

Our jug-eared President has also crippled our military with PC edicts and refusal to pass a budget.

So, now Jugears is sending the remnants of our once-powerful forces over there to "do something". Without a declaration of war and the approval of CONgress, as is his wont. Probably without enough support to do the job properly, and almost certainly hamstrung by PC rules of engagement designed to kill our troops while protecting the enemy.

So far, no American has been harmed,or American property damaged, but Jugears is desperate for anything that might distract the sheeple from looking at his record and his many outrageous crimes against America, such as the NSA and IRS scandals, and how his policies have destroyed any possibility of our economy recovering any time soon. Let's not mention the trainwreck that is OsamaCare ...

Meanwhile, the Hasan case at Fort Hood still does not define the crime as terrorism, despite testimony by the perpetrator that he was acting in the best interest of foreign terrorists. None of the victims get their justice even if this Muslim murderer is drawn and quartered slowly.

Gangs of black teenagers attack and kill elderly veterans and foreign tourists out of boredom - not a word from the White House.

America dies while he fiddles. And most of us go right on watching "So You Think You Can Dance"...

People. Get up and do something!

Karl Denninger has an idea - a general strike.

That might just work.

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