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Sunday, August 4, 2013

None here in Beloit - yet...

Obamavilles continue to sprout up in America

 Latest: A tent city in Camden, NJ 

by Clifford F. Thies is reporting on the latest tent city - or Obamaville - in the Garden State of New Jersey. A community of perhaps a hundred in Camden. The more or less permanent residents are mostly down-and-outers. Drug addicts and the mentally ill, along with the "new poor" of once self-supporting people who have lost their jobs, run out of unemployment insurance, and don't qualify for the government's support system mainly because they don't have minor children.

We probably miss out because of our Republican leadership in Madison.

Not seeing Chicago on that list surprises me. Mayor "Little Dick" Daley spent millions on iron fences to keep the homeless from camping out under viaducts in the city a few years back. I'm sure the situation hasn't improved under RahmItToEm...

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