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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interstate speed limits

Ill-Annoys recently raised their interstate speed limit outside urban areas to 70 MPH. Of course, this being Ill-Annoys, they also screwed with the fines and made getting a speeding ticket even more costly.

Almost immediately, some Wisconsin lawmakers proposed we do the same up here as far as the speed limits go. Within nanoseconds came the PSH squawkings about how horrible an idea this would be - the streets will run with blood, and people will be driving 79 or 80. Unacceptable!

Except for these facts:

First, drivers on Wisconsin interstates regularly drive 80 or or faster right now. Try driving at the 65 limit and see how fast you either get passed or grow a trail of angry drivers.

Second, the interstate system was originally designed back in the 1950's for the cars of the future that would easily and safely cruise at 80 MPH.

Third, and most important, the speed limits on most interstates outside urban areas back in the 1960's was 70 MPH. This was long before anti-lock brakes, traction control, air bags, and even seat belts, in cars that were not designed to survive collisions, and had handling characteristics the rivaled some farm tractors.

Let's put things back to where they were before 1968 - 70 MPH freeways, R&P limits in states like Nevada, and make safety equipment on cars an option for those willing to spend the extra money.

While we are at it, let's repeal the 1968 federal Gun Control Act...

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