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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Massive paranoia

"Smart guns taken to a ridiculous extreme:

This guy misses the whole point that any tech like this can be hacked to REMOVE the smart functionality quite easily.

Barring some magical ammunition that cannot be fired without an encrypted data packet, all a smart gun is is a gun with a "magazine disconnect" controlled by a computer. Bypass that, and it goes bang every time you pull the trigger.

If "they" really want to take our guns, "they" will likely just pack the Supreme Court and find the Second Amendment "unconstitutional" or something.

And then the revolution starts, or we find that America is indeed a country of sheeple.

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  1. Same Shit different day. Jocylin Eldars pushed the same thing during the Clinton Administration, thus proving that the USA didn't really need a Surgeon General.