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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Need a gun? is selling online:

Dear Chuck K,

We are now selling guns at This is in direct response to a number of notable gun stores suspending the sale of firearms. While the shooting in Connecticut was a horrific, evil act by a mentally ill person, we do not believe that retailers should be abandoning gun owners in this uncertain time.

We have pushed up our timeline for gun sales dramatically and will be launching features regularly over the next couple of weeks. Bear with us during this time as we update our site, we felt it absolutely essential to immediately support our customers and gun owners in light of current events.

We have a limited supply of AR and AK style rifles in stock. Due to the recent political blow-back from the shooting, these types of firearms are completely out of stock from all the national distributors. We are doing everything in our power to get these products for our customers.
Direct response to places like Cheaper Than Dirt stopping sales in reaction to what happened in Connecticut.

Respect for the dead is one thing - stupidly knuckling under to pressure from hysterical idiots is another.

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