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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beloit Casino follies

The long-discussed Beloit Casino proposed by the Ho-Chunk Nation is in the news again.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs - will someone tell me why this agency still exists? - is "preparing information for an Environmental Impact Statement".
According to a release from the BIA, the areas of analysis in the EIS include, “land resources, water resources, air quality, noise, biological resources, cultural resources, resource use patterns, traffic and transportation, public health and environmental hazards, public services and utilities, socioeconomics, environmental justice and visual resources/aesthetics.”
What the blue blazes does "socioeconomics, environmental justice and visual resources/aesthetics” have to do with whether or not a casino gets built? WTF is "environmental justice" anyway? What are "cultural resources"? Are they mined, or grown? "Biological resources"? Beyond air and water?


The bottom line for Beloit:
The proposed 33-acre casino project would be located just off of Interstate 90/39 and would include a 300-room hotel. The project is expected to cost about $150 million to build, and could create up to 2,000 jobs, Ho-Chunk officials previously told the Beloit Daily News. Ho-Chunk officials had said in previous interviews the casino plan includes a 70,000-square-foot casino with 2,000 slots and 50 gaming tables.
Tell Washington to go scratch. If Beloit and the Ho-Chunk Nation agree, that should be all that matters past the opinions of people owning land adjacent to the proposed location. 200 jobs in this area is what is important - not some imaginary "environmental" issue.

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