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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Letter to my senator

Tammy Gay Baldwin is under attack. She's been sending me emails frantically requesting funds to defend her Senate seat from Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County.

Here's my response to her:

Dear Senator Baldwin,

I want to thank you for bringing the candidacy of Sheriff David Clarke to my attention via your solicitations for money. I will definitely be sending whatever I can to support his campaign to unseat you.

I care not what you do in your personal life, or who you have relationships with - it's none of my business, and believe me, most Wisconsinites couldn't care less about your sexuality - but you chose to make an issue of it. So don't get offended when Sheriff Clarke mentions what you have broadcast to all in his campaigning.

You could do some good for Wisconsin in your last months as a Senator. How about a bill to criminalize spoofing or misuse of Caller ID and email? We could put a bunch of the people now actively infringing on our Second Amendment rights in the FBI NICS office and the BAT(F)E to work hunting spammers and con artists rather than harassing gun owners and buyers.

Good luck in your life as a private citizen. I'm sure you can live comfortably on your Senate pension.

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI

Sheriff Clarke's web page:

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  1. Awesome! Well said. Am supremely interested in her reply even if it is a canned response.