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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wisconsin Voter ID lives!

The Beloit Daily news has an editorial today on how Wisconsin now will have to "scramble" to get Voter ID in place, now that the courts have made the final ruling on the subject.

Just sent in this as a comment:

If the Democrats spent 10% of the time and money they have wasted on recall attempts, busing in out-of-state people to demonstrate and wreck our Capitol, they could easily afford to get everyone in the state of Wisconsin a state ID.

If they hadn't sued and appealed and sued some more to attempt to get the law thrown out, perhaps we wouldn't be scrambling to get the system running before November.

When I lived in Illinois, I had to go in and sign up for a Voter ID card, which I had to show to vote - and Illinois has been doing that for decades.

If the Illinois Democratic machine can survive Voter ID, I am sure Wisconsin's can also.

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