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Friday, September 19, 2014

I bet you never thought of this!

Amazing things one sees in the "news":

New gun report: Criminals are bypassing background checks

Right from Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety:
Everytown for Gun Safety on Wednesday published the results of an investigation in Washington that show most of the criminals in the state purchase firearms from the online marketplace to avoid background checks. Of the identified people seeking guns in unlicensed sales over the Internet, nearly one in 10 had been convicted of crimes that prevented them from legally possessing firearms, including rape domestic abuse, and assaulting police officers. The investigation also found that 44,000 guns are posted for sale annually on the Internet.
Of course, this is a flat-out lie that criminals mostly get guns from legal sellers - guns have been traded without background checks for centuries, and no criminal is going to pay the price a gun owner would ask for an on-line gun when there is a flourishing black market out there for stolen and illegally imported weapons.

In Beloit, reportedly, one only need go on Twitter and ask for one, and someone will show up to supply what is wanted. Rentals are supposedly common in gun-free areas like Chicago.

Leave it to the MSM to announce as if it was something shocking what any sane person who owns a gun knows.


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