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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They never quit trying

Stopped at Farm and Fleet in Illinois yesterday after work to pick up some targets. The ammo section was right there, so I stopped to check out prices.

$56 for 100 rounds of .45 ACP. No .22 LR at all.

I noticed a paper taped to the edge of the top shelf - the obligatory "NO SALES WITHOUT A FOID CARD" - nothing unexpected. I asked the clerk there doing inventory about out-of-state sales - OK with a driver's license, supposedly.

Then I read the other slip of paper taped to the shelf - quotes from Ill-Annoys statutes banning sales of PISTOL AMMUNITION to anyone from out-of-state. I guess if you buy that box of .44 Magnum for your carbine you are A-OK. Beloit makes you sign a register for pistol ammo, but just tell them it's for a rifle and no signing required.

I knew Ill-Annoys was going to get revenge for having to pass CCW legislation, and that they wouldn't stop at making the license prohibitively expensive and non-reciprocal with any other state.

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