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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quinn's "amendatory veto" for Ill-Annoy's CCW bill

It's on his desk. It's not perfect - but according to sources, he's going to make some simple changes:
Quinn to AV Carry bill 7/2/13

Governor Quinn is set to announce an amendatory veto of HB-183 tomorrow with fanfare at the Thompson Center.

The Governor is rumored to be making several changes to the bill which would include:
· Limiting individuals to carrying a single handgun with a single magazine and no more than 10 rounds of ammo.

· Changing the definition to where the handgun must be completely concealed as opposed to concealed or mostly concealed

· Banning carry in any place that serves alcohol except private clubs and residence. This would nullify the restaurant carry provisions of the bill.

· Inverting the no carry posting to make carry permissible only in places that post it is OK to carry a concealed firearm

· Allowing employers to ban firearms on their property and negate the safe harbor provisions.

· Remove the ability of individuals to get out of their vehicle and store their handguns in the trunk of their vehicle

Look for the Legislature to move to override the veto when they come back the 8th or 9th.
In other words, he's going to do all he can to make it useless for self-defense while attempting to satisfy the federal ruling.

Here's some video of the accidental governor talking about it - you can skip the second half where he talks about marching in the gay pride parade...

I love how he keeps repeating that "the vast majority" of Ill-Annoys want Demonrat ideals...

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