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Friday, July 5, 2013

New gun rights organization

The American Rifle and Pistol Association

Sounds real good at first - an alternative to the NRA, and another org fighting to keep our freedoms.

Right up until you read their Statement of Principles.

In the contentious firearms debate, there is often no true debate at all; rather, one faction eschewing any and all restrictions (even if sensible), and an opposing faction that strives for outright prohibition or de facto prohibition via regulation. R+P aligns itself with neither polarized faction, believing that optimal firearms management solutions can exist where genuine gun rights are protected while public safety is assured. 
Allowing the antis a nice avenue to sneak in more "common sense" gun restrictions
R+P fully supports every citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. However, R+P strongly supports restriction of this right for convicted felons and those that have been adjudicated mentally ill.
Convicted felons - still in prison - I agree with. Once they are released back into society, they are either to be trusted with the same rights as everyone else, or they should NOT be loose on the streets.

Besides - all of us are federal felons simply through ignorance of the millions of laws and rules promulgated by illegal bureaucracies like the BATFE and the EPA. Should we all be stripped of our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights for using a spray can of bug killer in a way not intended by the label directions?

And exactly who does the "adjudicating" in mental illness cases? Again, either someone is safe to be loose in society, or not. Too many new "mental illnesses" get "discovered" every year - and wanting to possess a weapon is certainly an "illness" the antis will try to get implemented.
R+P believes that it is each state’s right to determine for benefit of its citizens any prerequisites, qualifications, documentation, training, and levels of demonstrated proficiency, if any, deemed necessary for lawful use of differing types of weapon systems. The establishment of any such requirements are not the prerogative of the federal government. 
So the Constitution can be trampled by states like Ill-Annoys, California, and New York.

Enforcement of the Constitution is definitely one of the proper functions of the federal government!
R+P believes that the most effective initiatives proven to reduce crime and gun-related violence are to be found in encouraging the increase in the number of well-trained Concealed Handgun License holders; better preventative treatment for the mentally ill; the reduction of gang activity and the availability of illegal street weapons; and strengthening of professional armed security in high population concentration locales such as malls and schools. 
Leaving open the door for such travesties as Ill-Annoy's Quinn re-writing a flawed :shall issue" CCW law into a virtual ban on carry, if you can convince your betters that you even deserve THAT limited right.

Mandatory mental health screening - through JugearsCare government appointed psychologists?

What, exactly, is an "illegal street weapon"?


It will be interesting to find out if this gun rights organization is actually an arm of the Joyce Foundation and the Brady Bunch, taking orders directly form George Soros...

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