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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And so it ends

Ill-Annoys now has concealed carry. That idiot Quinn in the governor's mansion got his amendatory veto soundly rejected. About f***ing' time!

Flawed, infringing, concealed carry that probably won't be recognized by any other state, as Illinois will only accept out-of-state CCW licenses if they match the convoluted rules of Ill-Annoys. Fat chance. And it will cost you out-of-staters $300 for a five-year permit. Of course, nothing will happen unless you already have your Ill-Annoys FOID - so count on a six week wait before you can even apply - minimum.

If you can't pony up $150 and right hours for the training - if training is even available - forget being able to defend yourself.

I don't know if the prohibition on carry in public transport is gone.

Now - how long will it take the Illinois State Police to get the paperwork sorted out so people can even apply?

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