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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 Message to our governor Tony Evers - for what it's worth.

OK. It's the FLU. It's going to be with us forever. Get over it, end the political theater. Open the state.
In Japan, the government was prohibited from shutting the economy down. Common sense ruled - sick people stayed home, the vulnerable were protected. Very low deaths, and huge numbers of positive tests.
If we tested for the regular flu the way we are testing for Covid 19, we would see astronomical numbers of "cases", because that's how these diseases work. Almost everyone gets infected, some get sick, a small number of those die. It's the way the world works and there's nothing government can do to change it.
All the mask orders, social distancing, and shutdowns do is prolong the agony. End them NOW.
The people of Wisconsin deserve to be able to live their lives free of artificial terror ginned up by the media and those who wish to fundamentally change America into a socialist paradise like Venezuela.

Not holding my breath waiting for a reasonable response...

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