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Friday, February 26, 2016

Movie reality?

So - "Black Lives Matter" supposedly sends some people in KKK sheets to a Trump rally.

Must have been watching "Blazing Saddles" while reading their little red books...

Those Trump KKK Supporters were #BlackLivesMatter Activists

Media outlets quickly picked up a story about two Klansmen in full robes and caps standing outside a Nevada caucus site to "support" Donald Trump. While Trump certainly has a very active Neo-Nazi Alt-Right base, it mostly spends its time on Twitter calling conservatives "cuckservatives" and retweeting anime and Taylor Swift memes to make themselves seem younger than they are. (That doesn't mean he's responsible for them.)
There was one obvious problem with these two KKK Trump supporters. They were black.
Snopes has a different take:
"Photos" that were circulating of one of the purported black men in the KKK outfit were actually stills or screenshots from a popular Dave Chappelle skit called "Blind Supremacy":

What a circus.

I'm still leaning toward Cruz.


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