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Monday, February 15, 2016

Educational video

Explains racial inequality - as per the liberal left.

This is being shown in some schools - with the intent of putting a guilt trip on white students.
A few notes:
1. Discrimination has been part of human society since the first men split into groups that developed apart from each other - when they came over the hill and met up again after decades, they were treated as "the other". Human nature. Not a nice thing, but also not something that can be legislated out of existence. "Affirmative action" probably did more to hurt miorities than Dred Scott.
2. Poor schooling. Before the liberals got hold of America's  school system, it produced people like George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King, Jr. Then, the government razed all the "ghettos" and forced people into Soviet-style gulags, where gangs sprouted up as an unintended consequence of the "war on drugs". Is it any wonder that whole generations grew up thinking that shcool was worthless?

3. Underemployment - see #2.

4. Standardize tests - see #2.

5. School to prison pipeline - see #2.

6. Housing segregation - not an issue in most places since the '60's. Unless you want to count people on welfare not being able to move into McMansions...

7. Racial profiling - a weasel word for being able to notice the disproportionate difference in crime rates among different groups - again, see #2 above.
And the hint about "drug tests" - they affect everyone who wants a job these days, but are NOT required to get governmental assistance - read, live off the productive citizens...

8. Shortened lifespan - possibly linked to lifestyle? Lots of white folk in this bunch these days.

9. "Privilege" - the whole excuse for this video - let's make the white boy feel bad if he succeeds.

No one gave me a leg up or a free ride - I had to earn everything I have, and the liberals reward me with "Jugearscare" and yet more taxes, and in many cases, especially in government jobs, allow less-qualified individuals in over qualified males and white females, all in the name of "affirmative action".

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