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Monday, February 23, 2015

Unemployment insurance follies

Since the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website won't allow me to fill in the dates I've worked, I dial into the "help" system.

"If you speak English, press 1". I'm curious, so I don't touch the phone,

"En Espanol...dos". I continue to wait.

Some Asian language - Hmong? Cute female voice, anyway. Continue to do nothing.

"Do you speak a language other than English?". More waiting.

Instructions to make sure your phone is set for touch-tone - and if it's a dial phone, please wait.

Finally - "We are going to attempt to connect your call". Nine in line. Time is around ten minutes.

Or, I can ask for "virtual hold", and they will call me back in around half an hour. Still waiting - seven ahead of me now.

They really want me on "virtual hold"...

Number 6 now.

Number 2 now - still want me to go on virtual hold...

Finally - a human. Nice lady. The reason I can't get into the system is because I was working in Ill-Annoys, not Wisconsin - have to file down there. Thanks for your help, have a good day.

Off to the Ill-Annoys UI site - will update...

The Ill-annoys site worked OK, but did ask for my WEIGHT on my driver's license. If all goes well, I'll get benefits in two weeks - about a quarter of what I was earning.

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