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Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter to the editor

Beloit got buried last weekend - and as usual, the city could not figure out how to plow the road properly - so, a letter to the editor of the Beloit Daily News:

Before moving to Beloit, I've lived in several places. Chicago, Suburban towns. All of them were able to maintain their roads, especially in the downtown areas where most cities would like people to go to shop and visit.

Beloit, however, can't seem to manage to remove the snow from downtown. After every big snowstorm, there are three and four foot high berms of snow filling the center of the street and most left turn lanes. It's impossible to make a left turn into parking lots. This morning, a car was stuck in the snow left in the middle of Fourth Street by the bridge over the river. Two police vehicles were needed to prevent accidents.

In the paper today, the streets supervisor was quoted as saying they can't use trucks to haul snow because the snow would leave them wet and they can't spread salt from a wet truck.

South Beloit does not seem to have a problem keeping their roads clear. Neither does Rockford.

Perhaps Beloit needs to set aside one or two plow trucks to haul snow, and clean up the mess the right way, right away. Let's see our city have some pride in keeping the downtown plowed properly.

Let's see if it gets printed - they only have letters to the editor one or two days a week lately.

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