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Monday, July 14, 2014

The costs of gun ownership

Just read this article - "The costs of gun ownership"

A taste:
So what should be done? Messrs Cook and Ludwig suggest a combination of solutions: make it costlier to get guns in high-crime areas; improve the records available for screening gun buyers (with more information on possible mental-health problems); keep a paper trail to help connect legal gun owners to illegal gun-use; and offer better law enforcement against illicit gun use. For example, a crackdown on gun violence that has proved effective in Boston involves police informing gang members that a crime involving one member would have consequences for everyone.
My comment:

Very simple solution - get rid of politicians and intelligentsia who think there are "simple" solutions to the problems they have generated over the last 70 years. Educate the young about responsibility and proper handling of firearms, starting in kindergarten. Most of all, follow the basic law of the United States - the Constitution - as it is written and was intended. The Second Amendment means exactly what it says, and there was no National Guard when it was written.

"Make guns more expensive in high-crime areas"? Brilliant. That black market has existed ever since the very first "gun control law" was enacted, and the low income people who need protection are priced out of the market. Real smart.

Perhaps we should look at root causes - family destruction via the "war on poverty", lack of moral education and self reliance, and the eternal "war on drugs" that fuels most of the violence in places like Chicago

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