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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Illegal acts by the New York State Police

New York passed the "SAFE Act" in a knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook shootings. It is blatantly un-Constitutional, but when has that ever stopped a state?

The abuses will continue until someone in New York brings suit to have the law voided. Fat chance those who already have been victimized will see their property returned, or be compensated.

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  1. Well then, we can see why the Iroquois Nations have no love for the nysp (sic)..especially the Mohawk nation.A while back THEY were going after gun owners who had psychotropic drugs prescribed to them in the past...I don't know if THEY are still running in that direction. If THEY are then let me say something about that. Do you have any awareness of the number of gun bearing/badge carrying po lice who have had their doctors prescribed pt drugs for them because of the stress of their job? More than just a few, I guarantee. What will THEY do about those people? This is going to bit them in the butt...especially if THEY try to hide or ignore all those poor po lice with the "nerve" problems. Semper Fi troop...