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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Right from a female asses' mouth

It's all about "freedom from fear" - fear made up and stoked by Hitlary and her fellow Demonrats: 

"We can not let a minority of people - hold a viewpoint that terrifies the majority of people"...

Lies upon lies. Government can not "protect" anyone from violence by banning anything - all they can do is waste more of our money, and in the case of guns, prevent people from being able to defend themselves from the bad guys - and ultimately, from people like Hitlary.

What is a female ass called? A "jenny"? Or is that a donkey? Is there any difference?

What difference does it make, anyway? A bitch is still a bitch, and a "liberal" Demonrat is still an evil thing to allow to roam freely.

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