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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Someone involved in local road signage has intelligence!

On Afton Road, where if enters Beloit, southbound lanes go from 40 MPH to 25. Northbound, there was no speed limit sign at the same place. A quarter mile further north was the first 40 MPH sign.

So, people leaving Beloit northbound would technically be in violation if they accelerated to the same speed as those coming south into town. I never saw police with radar in the area, but i would have been mighty peeved if I got a speeding ticket leaving town while those entering were still legal at higher speeds.

Well, over the weekend, someone posted a 40 MPH sign, northbound across the street from the first Beloit 25 MPH sign.

Logic finally prevails - but now I wonder if I will see radar cops in the area, as the median speed on that portion of Afton is 50 MPH...

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