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Friday, January 3, 2014

Idiot drivers

Coming home through Rockford this afternoon, I saw a couple of real gems driving.

First was a Ford Escape Hybrid ahead of me at a light. Light turns green. 10 seconds later, the Escape's brake lights go off, and they slowly accelerate. To much less than the speed limit - and there was no snow- or traffic- related reason for driving at anything less than the limit.

On the rear bumper was an Obama '12 sticker. When traffic allowed, passed them - on the right, as they were in the left lane.

Next up was a small car - possibly one of those new Chevy Smart Car clones. Again, driving like they were leading a funeral, blocking traffic, making unsignaled lane changes for no apparent reason.

On the rear deck lid was an Obama '08 sticker. Got past that one as soon as possible.

Last up - going north on Il Rte 2, where it's four lanes one-way with left and right-turn only lanes at a light. I'm in the leftmost through lane. A woman driving a small Chevy makes a LEFT TURN into the northbound left turn lane, narrowly missing my front bumper. A couple blocks south, she must have figured out all the oncoming headlights might mean something, as she pulled a u-turn in the middle of the road and then made a left turn back onto the road she had just left. Saw all that in the rear-view.

Did not see any O stickers on that one, but wouldn't be surprised.

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