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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


OK. The federal government is "shut down" for lack of money. 5/6 of Jugears' personal servants in the White House are on layoff.

There's no money to "run" the national parks or monuments. Especially the ones that require absolutely no human attention on a daily basis - like the veteran's memorials, that are in the open air and have no gates or admission hours, let alone attendants.

Somehow, though, Jugears has found the money to have a bunch of Park Service employees place barricades across sidewalks and in the grass to keep WWII vets away from their monument - the monument paid for with tax money, and their blood, sweat, and tears.

Somehow, the money was found to keep mounted park police on duty for the express purpose of preventing American citizens, especially veterans, from paying their respects to the fallen at them.

Several right-thinking members of Congress went out yesterday to remove the barricades Jugears personally ordered erected. Those barriers were reinstalled again today.

If the government was truly shut down, someone should have switched Jugears off for the duration.

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