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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Want to sign up for Osamacare in Wisconsin? You will see this:

Beginning of content Sorry, there's a delay to log in right now

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I thought the federal government shut down! Who is paying for this server?

UPDATE: I got a letter telling me my ham radio license expires in January -so I went to the FCC's renewal website. Found this:

Federal Communications Commission

We regret the disruption, but during the Federal Government-wide shutdown, the FCC is limited to performing duties that are immediately necessary for the safety of life or the protection of property. FCC online systems will not be available until further notice.
If you need to contact the FCC to address an emergency situation, please call: (202) 418-1122 or email:
Telecommunications companies must continue to use the Network Outage Reporting System (NORS), which will remain available during the shutdown, to file reports of telecommunication service disruptions pursuant to Part 4 of the FCC's rules. NORS allows companies to file Notifications, Initial Reports and Final Reports. The information on service disruptions is essential to maintain and improve the reliability and security of the telecommunications infrastructure.
Vacancy announcements for positions that were open for receipt of applications have been closed and will re-open when the Government is operational.
During this time, the FCC is not accepting any deliveries of supplies, or services that have not been identified as necessary for the safety of life or the protection of property.
The Commission has issued a Public Notice concerning procedures for submissions that would be due to the FCC during the shutdown.

last reviewed/updated on 10/1/2013
It costs nothing but power bills to let a website run on a server - but it costs real money for some programmer to write even a simple page like this and post it to that same server...

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