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Thursday, September 5, 2013

They were right!

I hate to say it, but for once the anti-gunner leftie-liberals were right.

Illinois finally passed concealed carry, and blood is running in the streets of that gun-free paradise Chicago.

Eight Killed, More than 25 Shot in Chicago Holiday Weekend Bloodbath

At least eight people are dead and more than 25 others were wounded in shootings over Labor Day weekend in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago. The shootings were widespread, from the far south and west sides of the city and spanning north into neighborhoods that see far fewer shooting incidents normally. 
At lease one shooting occurred in one of the city’s newly created “Safe Passage” routes, designated to provide a gun-free zone for Chicago students to get to school.

In the midst of Chicago’s bloody holiday, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy continued to tout the city’s overall decline in murders from 2012 and push for “stronger gun laws.”
Oh, wait - Ill-Annoys has yet to even allow APPLICATION for a CCW, and Chicago's streets have been running in blood for decades under liberal Demonrat control...

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