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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sheer idiocy

You can't get much dumber than this:

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facility to Be Powered by the Largest Federal Wind Farm

The Energy Department today broke ground on the nation’s largest federally-owned wind project at the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas. Once completed, this five-turbine 11.5 megawatt project will power more than 60 percent of the plant with wind energy and reduce CO2 emissions by over 35,000 metric tons per year—equivalent to taking 7,200 cars off the road. The Pantex Plant is the primary site for the assembly, disassembly, and maintenance of the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile.

Under the Obama Administration, federal agencies have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 15 percent—equivalent to permanently taking 1.5 million cars off the road. To build on this accomplishment, the Administration has established a new goal: the federal government will consume 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020—more than double the current goal of 7.5 percent.
The picture at the link says it all - the turbines are from Siemens of Germany, and no American jobs were created in their production.

Europe needs all the help it can get, after all - they are suffering under a socialist/greenie dictatorship...


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