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Friday, May 24, 2013

WAVE! We are idiots!

"Special thanks to The Joyce Foundation"

These numbskulls think signs will prevent violence. The examples of every school shooting since the federal law prohibiting guns on school property was enacted does not seem to make them think.

They also want you to pass out cards telling businesses to prohibit effective self-defense:

- Post a Sign to Keep Guns Out -
A new state law will force you to allow weapons unless you post a sign. But the people of our state do not want guns in stores, restaurants or any other public place.
I agree, and I’m asking you to support Wisconsin values
and our safety by putting up signs prohibiting guns.
►By a huge 3 to 1 margin, state residents say they will feel
less safe, not safer, in public places that allow guns.
►Guns in public places put us all at risk. Workers at businesses that allow guns are 5 to 7 times more likely to be murdered.
►Nationwide, 80% of businesses prohibit guns on the premises.
Thousands of Wisconsin residents have signed a pledge to support businesses that protect our safety by keeping guns out.
As soon as you have posted a sign, contact WAVE.
They’ll let every person who signed the pledge know that you
are a SAFE WISCONSIN business.
We know you value our business.
Let us know you value our safety.
WAVE Educational Fund / 414.351.9283 /

Let's count the lies:

First, the people of Wisconsin certainly do want guns around - or we wouldn't have overwhelmingly supported Governor Walker in the last leftie-liberal recall election. There wouldn't be over a quarter-million Wisconsinites now possessing a CCW permit, and countless others open-carrying every day.

3 to 1 margin? Perhaps in parts of Milwaukee and Madison!

Inanimate objects put no one at risk at any time. Want to put people at risk? Prohibit fire extinguishers in public places because someone might, someday, abuse one or use one to injure someone else. Let's see some objective evidence of that 5 to 7 times number. Can't show us a link to someone other than a Joyce Foundation mouthpiece? Thought so!

80% of businesses in Chicago, New York City, or San Fransisco, perhaps. I have seen only three places I might want to visit around here that post. The Beloit NAPA, the Beloit Library, and Basics in Janesville. Everywhere else either is happy to see my carrying openly or has ignored me - and when I carry concealed, how does anyone know I have an evil weapon?

I will believe that "thousands" have signed their petitions - after all, these idiots did get a recall election of Governor Walker organized - with lots of out-of-state money and illegal petition signers. Having a liberal Madison judge invalidate our Voter ID law didn't help them. Record turnouts for the right people in most areas.

Personally, I will stick my head in a place that posts and tell anyone within earshot why I cannot come in - and if they want my business, they will lose the stupid sign.

You can rest assured, gun free business, that the bad guys will ignore your sign, if they even bother to read it. They might chuckle as they pull their gun to rob you, though.


  1. Thousands have signed.
    Does that mean 1001, 5,000, 10,000, 120,000?

    Out of how many registered voters?

  2. Here in Madison, the bus stops are posted as well as the buses. A few years ago, a guy boarded a city bus with an open bucket of gasoline and there was no sign to prohibit it. He lit the gas after dumping it on his fellow passengers. Now, there are still no signs prohibiting open containers of gasoline, but guns are bad? Sheesh. I know, let's compromise- put up signs allowing guns but prohibiting murdering people. That oughtta work.