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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Letter to the editor

The Stateline News today provides a response to my recent letter.

A Lindsy Schnell of Beloit completely misinterpreted my letter, saying I am "afraid" of what life without fossil fuels will be.

Damn right I am "afraid". Our standard of living would plummet, millions would die of starvation or lack of medical care.

So, here's my reply:

Here we ga again.

Lindsy Schnell misses the point.

First "climate change", as peddled by the scaremongers, does not exist, and there's precious little Man can do to stop it. Our climate is driven by the Sun's output, and I know of no way to alter that, unless we spend trillions to build an orbital sun shade for the whole planet. This has actually been discussed, believe it or not.

A little thought will show that being forced by government to stop using fossil fuels will kill millions, and reduce the standard of living of the survivors. This is common sense when you realize that everything we eat is produced with the help of oil-burning machines. Shut down the factory farms and see how many big cities can survive on backyard gardens.

The market will drive new energy sources much more efficiently than government will - as witness how much our current administration has squandered on "green" energy failures.

Why is there a disconnect with human activity and nature? We didn't drop out of the sky like alien invaders and lay waste to the planet. We belong here as much as a spotted owl.

And, in case you didn't notice, our air and water are a lot cleaner then even back in the 1960's, due to regulation and the efforts of private industry. The government mandated pollution reductions, and the market not only exceeded their demands, they gave us 40 MPG cars in the process.

Chuck Kuecker

Since we are on the subject of fossil fuels - anyone else notice just how many things are now made of plastic that used to be steel or other metals? I noticed that the dumpsters behind my employer's plant are one piece molded plastic now - a few hundred pounds of fossil oil molded into a bin on wheels.

If we are running out of oil like the scaremongers all are screaming, how is this economical?

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