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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just deserts

Okay, Wisconsin, you voted - and got what you deserved.

First, the Wisconsin GOP. You presented us with a Senate choice of a fat, old ex-Governor with a mile-long trail of embarrassing big business connections that any fool could have pointed out as fine fodder for the Demonrats to use to push their candidate. At least Wisconsin's Senate vote is meaningless for either party now. We'll just let the other 49 states make the decisions.

National GOP - you gave us the choice of the originator of Osamacare, or the enactor of it. At least you chose a decent vice presidential candidate, in contrast to the hyena now in there, who we can now enjoy laughing for another four years. Thank God for Wisconsin's law allowing Ryan to run for his old seat as well as Veep - at least we "keep control" of the House - but with so many RINOs in there, it's doubtful that that alone will be able to slow our slide into oblivion.

Local GOP, thanks so much for your backing of the conservatives running for state office so well. The Demonrat candidates walked all over them, and now we've got a couple of union-loving lefties in the state Assembly to help prevent any further erosion of "worker's rights". Governor Walker has been effectively muzzled.

Thank you, Wisconsin Judiciary, for preventing our voter ID law to be in effect during an election that was sure to be full of fraud. The bubbles of blue on the election map around Madison and Milwaukee are proof that your intervention has helped Wisconsin elect a dedicated Communist to a second term as President, along with some of the worst of his sycophants and "useful idiots".

Finally, thank you, people of Wisconsin and America, for refusing to THINK. Because of your refusal to be active citizens in charge of your government, we are going to find out personally what is like to be living in Greece in just a few years.

How does it feel to trade your freedom for chains? You got what you wanted - an overbearing government that will regulate every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. There's no more reason for you to worry about having a job that will enable you to climb up the ladder - our benevolent government will take from those who dare to try to better themselves and give to those who expect a free ride. In the end, our government will decide when people are past their "best used by" date and put them out of the way, so others can use what little health care will remain to us under Osamacare.

The best face I can put on this is that we are now on the fast track to a second American revolution. If we lose that fight when it comes, we can all learn to be part of George Soros' vision of a one-world government.

Enjoy your servitude, or start THINKING.

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