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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gun-free Toys 'R' Us in Janesville

Went to Janesville with my wife today to return a train set she bought for our grandson - it was a duplicate of one he already has.

They have a "no weapons" sign posted, which I ignored, as I was carrying concealed.

I just fired off an email to their headquarters:

I went to your store in Janesville, Wisconsin today to return a train set my wife bought for Christmas - it was a duplicate of one the kids already have.

Noted the "no weapons" sign in the front window. This will prevent us from patronizing that store in the future, as we do not spend money at places that both deny the right of self-defense to their customers, and stupidly announce to the criminal world that they are posted as a "free fire" zone for any armed robber looking for an easy mark.

If and when you remove that useless notice from your stores, I may reconsider my decision to cease patronizing your business.

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