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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unknown caller

Finally slept in - woke at 8 AM. First time in YEARS I've slept in.

As I was getting out of bed, the phone rings. "Private caller". I pick up.


*sounds of a computer dialer passing a live call to the boiler room*
*Thick accent, possibly (East) Indian* "Is *stumble* Charles *stumble* *badly mispronounced* there?"

Standard reply: "Who's calling?"

"This is John *mumble* from *mumble* Indian Nation."

Now I get into it. "You do realize this is a 'no call' number? That it's early on a Saturday? I don't know what you are selling or representing, but you've just lost me. Never call here again. Got it?"

I hung up.

I wonder if it did any good. Sure felt good.

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