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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Insane pollsters

Insane, stupid, or some horrible ulterior motive?

I have had a full dozen computerized survey calls now from some outfit called "Independent Voter Research", at a "private" number. The computer asks for my sex, age, race, and political party - then asks if I am likely to vote or not, and if I would vote for Romney or Osama, and for Thompson or Tammy Gay Baldwin. Then they give their number as 866 540-3140 - which when called tells me they wanted to get my opinions, apologizes for missing me, and hangs up.

What earthly good is it for a survey to call the same phone number twelve times over three weeks, asking the exact same questions?

After the second call, I've been giving random answers. Or, you can keep the computer on the line possibly forever by repeatedly giving an invalid response.

A little Google research turns up this, amongst other hits. There are claims the Romney campaign is responsible for this, but WHY would they? It's certainly not going to convince anyone to change their vote, and I bet lots of people getting these calls are screwing with them like I am.

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