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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just deserts!

Mad Mullah Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him !

Fellow infidels,
Another masterpiece by the Scarlet Pimpernel -

Mad Mullah Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him!
(By Two Teenaged Girls)

An Iranian cleric was beaten up by two teen girls in Shahmirzaad, Iran. According to the Imam he was walking to the mosque when he encountered the two young ladies dressed “inappropriately” (That’s Iranian speak for not wearing the required hijab). According to the Imam he politely (We all know how Muslim men treat women so politely) asked them to cover up.

According to the cleric, one of the girls told him off in no uncertain term. “She responded by telling me (the Imam) “to cover my eyes, which was very insulting to me”. He once again “politely” repeated his request. This time both girls attacked the mad Mullah.

“She pushed me and I fell to the ground on my back” (Pity, pity, pity) From that point on, I don’t know what happened. I was just feeling the kicks of the women who were beating me up and insulting me”

After this attack this girly man Imam had to be hospitalized for three days. (Is that the standard period of treatment for a severely wounded male ego to recover in Iran ?) He later called the attack “the worst day of my life.” I bet it was.

Read the rest - great story!

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