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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thoughts on Orlando

So, the war we have been ignoring with Islam has come back to America after 15 years.

A Muslim jihadist who may or may not have enjoyed his visits to the Pulse gay club in Orlando finally did his holy duty as a devout Muslim and slaughtered a bunch of infidels involved in acts Allah (and Mohammed, PBUH) don't approve of, in a country described as the Great Satan.

Our "leader", Jugears Osama, can't even be bothered to give a phone call to the governor of Florida - but can call France to discuss the matter. Of course, in hos address to America, Islam and jihad were never mentioned, but sure as shootin', gun control was.

We have Senator Christopher Murphy (D-CT, of course) leading a filibuster in the Senate until that body finally "addresses gun control", as if that would have stopped the terrorist. I actually approve of the filibuster - while these idiots are bloviating, CONgress isn't passing any more infringements on Americans.

Talking heads still refer to the "gunman" - I've never understood this term. You never hear of a "knifeman" or a "batman" (baseball, not DC comic), but every shooting has a "gunman". I guess this is a mutation probably caused by chemtrails.

At least the death toll was almost instantly reduced from 50 to 49, as they deducted the quite justifiable shooting of the perpetrator by police from the list of victims.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Russ Feingold about the atrocity that did not once mentioned guns. He did mention one of them "gunmen", though, and not a word about terror or it's cause.

Since when do we lower the flag after a war crime? Did we lower the flag after Pearl Harbor?

Why has there been exactly zero Muslim religious leaders speaking out against this atrocity if Islam is truly a religion of peace? I've heard a couple Muslims decry the act, but then, Islam instructs the faithful to lie when it advances Islam.

In Madison,Billy Graham's son spoke at a rally, and the lefties were out en masse protesting, since he's a Christian and proposes that we follow the law that has served America well for over 200 years, the law that incidentally happens to correspond with many Bible verses. Some of them had an alternative rally where a Jewish Rabbi spoke out urging acceptance, as did a black reverend. There was a Muslim leader there, who's unspeaking image was flashed as the reporter talked about how this rally was supposed to promote peace. I wonder what that gentleman had to say?

And I see now that today there was at least one attack in Texas at a Wal-Mart by a Muslim terrorist.

We are at war, We need to declare this and immediately take up Mr. Trump's idea about keeping people out who profess adherence to a "religion" that justifies acts like Orlando.

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