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Sunday, November 15, 2015


If Islam is to exist on this planet, it must change internally to actively fight the barbarians who have attacked Paris in the last few days, and who have perpetrated atrocities upon atrocities ever since the time of Mohammed. 

When Muslim leaders step up and actively fight to end terrorism, we can start to see the end of this struggle.

Until then, we have only more terror to look forward to.

The only way to deal with these barbarians is to speak their language. Political correctness will only get civilized people killed.

France should announce that in thirty days, one of their thermonuclear weapons will detonate at ground level on the Kaaba stone in Mecca. The Saudis have that time to evacuate so no people die.

To avoid this, Muslim leaders must immediately and publicly disavow all terror tactics, including those parts of the Koran instructing Muslims to take over and convert all countries. They also must turn over any and all "religious" who have ever advocated terror, and all know terrorists, for trial in an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

If the terrorists are turned over for justice, the bomb will not fall - but the Muslim world from this point on must actively root out terrorists - because at the NEXT attack on French soil, that bomb will be launched immediatly.

I wonder if that scenario would end terrorism, or would there still be "true believers" who would risk the loss of their holiest of holies?

I fear the latter is the truth, and simply threatening - or even carrying out any attack on Islamic holy sites will simply make the terrorists more determined. I see a continuing war on outfits like ISIS until the leaders of Islam take on the fight themselves. Perhaps a few hundred violent imams beheaded in public would help...

Here in America, we are currently hamstrung by our Constitution's First Amendment. If there were no prohibition on legislation concerning religion, we could simply outlaw Islam on our territories and jail anyone caught with a Koran or a prayer rug. That seems to have worked ever so well for pot smokers...

A Supreme Court ruling that Islam is NOT a religion would certainly help. How is "religion" defined under the law, anyway? There's got to be a fair amount of slop in there, or the US Government would never have persecuted the Mormons to drop polygamy from their creed. If that was legal, why can't we similarly go after any mosque or Muslim religious who advocates violence? A good start would be a law declaring "shariah" illegal on US territories.

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