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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back together

The pressure plate was here when I got home yesterday. All clean and rebuilt.

So, after dinner, I started putting the tractor back together.

Rebuilt pressure plate and alignment tool in place. Needs tightening.

 Left front tire going flat - and twisting the engine in relation to the transmission. Some air fixes that.

Don't forget to remove the alignment tool after torquing down the pressure plate! I made this in my machine shop.

Ready to mate it back together!

 Long bolts used to help align the halves. The bottle jack under the transmission and the floor jack under the engine allow fine tuning, as does the sir pressure in the tires.

Rough line-up. The long bolts keep things more or less in line, but can't support any significant load.

You can see the dowel pin above the bolt that sets the exact position of the halves. This must be lined up perfectly, or it won't drive into the transmission housing hole. there's one on either side of the engine.

Almost there. Dowels lined up, clutch splines sliding into place. One has to finesse the gas tank bolts and the steering shaft into place in the last inch or so.

Mated. About an hour and a half from starting to here. Have to remember to torque that bolt behind the fuel filter!

Left side split line.

And - all back together. All that's left is putting the batteries, hood and front loader back. Three and a half hour's work up to here. Maybe another hour to finish.

From the front. Will finish tomorrow. Right now, time for a long hot bath!

Update - finished the reassembly this evening. Had a scare - smoke from under the dashboard when I touched the positive battery terminal connecting the batteries. There was a tiny bit of something metallic got between the ammeter terminal and the ammeter bracket - fell out when i took it apart trying to find the problem. No damage.

Clutch feels real good. Once it dries out a bit - it's pouring - I'll put the front loader back on and hook up the mower deck.

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