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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Every report I hear on the radio or on TV about recent police related deaths starts out "white police officer (insert death cause) unarmed black male". It's like there's a script they are told to use.

They keep on repeating the news about the NYC cop who used a strangle hold on a black man as "strangle hold death" even though the man died an hour or more later of a heart attack. The strangle hold might have contributed to the death, but was not the direct cause.

What gets me about that incident is not the media's obvious rabble-rousing and repeating a lie often enough so it becomes truth, but the fact that NYC outlawed police from using a strangle hold over 20 years ago. Why was the cop not brought up on charges immediately instead of waiting half a year to see him exonerated of the death? Why are the media ignoring that aspect?

Grand juries, I understand, can only act upon the evidence they are given and the testimony they are allowed to hear - so perhaps there is a reason that so many of these incidents result in controversy. Maybe there really is a conspiracy to protect the police.

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