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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Email to the governor

There are votes pending on several issues in the state legislature.

Common Core - "liberal" (one-world socialist) UN educational standards funding.

A comprehensive database on our schoolkids, including information that has no bearing on schooling whatsoever.

Collection of DNA for a database from suspects, not convicted criminals.

It's been too long since I raised my voice. So:

Governor Walker,

There are several things I want you to use your line item veto on.

First is funding for Common Core education standards. Public education is a function that ought to be under local control, with little state oversight and funding at all, and no federal interference whatsoever. Get the federal government and the UN out of our schools in Wisconsin! No money for Common Core.

There already are too many "databases" out there. "Skyward" is a long step too far. Veto it.

Next - DNA collection from persons arrested for felonies. Absolutely not. In this country, a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, no matter how bad the circumstances look at the time of arrest. Also, why is the collection being handled by a foreign firm? I am sure there is at least one DNA capable laboratory in the State of Wisconsin, and if not, at least within the United States. DNA must only be collected if it is required for trial evidence before conviction, and the samples destroyed if the suspect is found not guilty. Once a person is convicted, DNA collection makes legal sense.

Remember that government is there to ensure the freedom of the people, not job security for bureaucrats, or making life "easier" for the police and people who snoop into the private lives of the people.


Chuck Kuecker

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