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Friday, February 17, 2012

We're winning!

Wisconsin scores 3 out of 100 on the Brady Bunch's score sheet!

That's better than Vermont, the original Constitutional Carry state!

What we need to work on:
  1. Force public colleges to allow defensive weapons - 1 point for allowing them to ban weapons in the hands of law-abiding persons.
  2. End the Handgun Hotline - 2 points for "record keeping and retention".
We don't get any points for forcing people to get a license at $50 and a month's wait before they can carry personal protection.

From the Brady Bunch explanation:
Wisconsin has weak gun laws that help feed the illegal gun market and allow the sale of guns without background checks, according to the Brady Campaign. 
Wisconsin has both the FBI's E-Check to screen long gun buyers and the state "Handgun Hotline" which routinely takes a day or two to render a decision on whether or not a Wisconsin resident (who may already own a dozen handguns) is qualified to possess another - then a two-day wait to ensure he or she does nothing rash while in the normal new-gun frenzy we all know. Also costs the buyer $13 every time they buy a new handgun. Duplicates the E-Check, which is free, and keeps the record of the sale - but no data on the actual weapon - for God know how long.

As far as sales between private citizens, it's already illegal on both the state and federal levels to sell a gun to someone you know is not allowed to have one.

As far as making the Bradys happy, not even California, with some of the most onerous infringements can make a perfect score - because even they still allow SOME private ownership of firearms.

If you want to live in a state that truly respects the Second Amendment, you are still out of luck in the USA - but you can get close. Move to Alaska, Arizona, or Utah and get closer - they all rate at zero points.

H/t Alphecca

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