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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally, the church speaks out!

It's been way too long that priests and pastors have obeyed the IRS' illegal rule that they abstain from political speech, or risk losing their "tax-exempt" status.

Catholic Church Bristles At Birth Control Mandate

Madison Bishop Urges Parishioners To Oppose Rule

Posted: 10:06 pm CST January 31, 2012Updated: 7:26 am CST February 1, 2012

The Catholic Church is bristling at a new rule about birth control.

Under the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act, companies that provide insurance for employees must cover contraceptives, including faith-based employers.

The decision came from Washington, after what White House press secretary Jay Carney called Tuesday "careful consideration."The administration chose not to change the provision for faith-based organizations in an effort to give women who work for Catholic hospitals and schools access to "preventative services."

"I think it's fair to say that, while there are those who take issue with the decision, millions and millions of Americans, American women, will have access to preventive services, as they should, appropriately through the health care reform bill," Carney said.

Diocese of Madison Bishop Robert Morlino is speaking out against the rule.

Parishioners in Madison heard a message from Morlino in church Sunday asking them to write letters, make calls and do whatever they could to denounce the Obama administration's rule.
"Bristles". What a nice way to put "outraged". This rule is a direct violation of Catholic teachings, not to mention an outright violation of the First Amendment and an insult to the morals of a large proportion of our public.

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