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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Harbor Freight banning legal guns!

According to Wisconsin Gun Owners, Harbor Freight in Madison has posted "no weapons" signs at the store. I called and the lady there said it's a corporate policy.

Damn. Harbor Freight has some good deals from time to time, and now I can't patronise them.

WGO links:

Download the Don't Buy List (PDF Format)
Report a Business Posting No CCW

Harbor Freight contact info


  1. I think it is best that this rule is imposed. This is also to protect all parties.

  2. What does it protect anyone from? Criminals ignore stupid rules like this, and disarmed customers are free to sue Harbor Freight for any injuries incurred because they could not defend themselves.

    Unless, of course, Harbor Freight hires off-duty TSA gropers and installs those nice radioactive scanners, of course. They everyone will be able to "feel safe".