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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Again and again and again

they keep on trying to make gun ownership in Illinois expensive and troublesome.

The new attack:

Emanuel to push for state-wide handgun registry

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants lawmakers to require that all handguns in Illinois be registered with the state, or gun owners could face felony charges.

A statewide gun registry is key in helping solve Chicago crimes that involve handguns from outside the city, and would also help crack down on gun trafficking, Emanuel announced at a press conference Thursday.

Under Emanuel's proposal, handgun owners would have to pay $65 for a registration certificate from the state, which would function much like the title to a car. Illinois law currently requires that gun owners and shooters have a firearm owners identification card, which works like a drivers license. But the guns themselves are not registered at the state level.

The handgun registration certificate would include information about the owner, the make and model of the gun, as well as where and when the firearm was bought. Registration applicants would also need a valid firearm owners identification card.

Owners and dealers would be required to notify Illinois State Police whenever a handgun changes hands. The registration certificate would last for five years, and cost $25 to renew.

Handgun owners would also have to tell the state if their gun gets lost or stolen, or they could face misdemeanor charges, according to the mayor's proposal. People caught in possession of an unregistered gun would be slapped with a felony.
More at the link.

Rahm just had to hand over almost $400,000 in a lawsuit settlement with the Second Amendment Foundation. So, of course, he has to punish every gun owner in Illinois with another un-Constitutional and useless law and fee.

Not to mention that now he's got that long-wanted gun registry so his storm-troopers can break down the correct doors come next Kristallnacht.

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  1. Obviously being a former Obama adviser by default cause his mayor's position to become mayor of Illinois. If I was the Governor I would tell him to STFU and clean up his little S--T hole of a city and then help tackle the state's problems.