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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free CCW classes

More free classes from Wisconsin Carry:

Wisconsin Carry, has more openings in our free concealed carry training courses.
If you attend this class you will receive a certificate that serves as proof of training which you submit to the Wisconsin Department of Justice along with your application to obtain your concealed weapons license.
This class is FREE and open to the public.  You do NOT need to own a handgun in order to attend.  We encourage those who are new to right-to-carry to attend.
Place: Marathon Trap and Sportsman's Club (Exit 188 on I39/US 51 to county N and drive West about 7 miles (North Side of Cty N about 1/2 mile past Intersection of Cty O and Cty N)
Date: Sunday, February 26th, 2012
Time: Two Sessions: Morning 8:00 AM to 12 Noon or Afternoon 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
We will start the class on time.  Please arrive by: Morning Session 7:45 AM, Afternoon Session 12:45 PM to check in and fill out forms.
Pre-registration is required

For more information and registration send an email to WCI certified instructor Fred Yulga:

To attend this free class you will need to register with Fred above and also visit the following link to download the class handouts.
Carry On,
Nik Clark
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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